Archivio Jean Calogero

In Catania 32 A/B Corso delle Province there can be found the headquarters of Cultural Association “Archivio Jean Calogero“, lead by sons Massimiliano and Patrizia Calogero and Luigi and Ylenia Nicolosi. The Association is the only organization authorized to authenticate the artist’s unique works, in order to counter the phenomenon of falsifications.

• Safeguarding and promote the artistic and intellectual work of Maester Jean Calogero.
• Valorisation, care and study of the artist’s collection (in his painting, graphical, sculptural and literary expression’s wholeness), interacting whith cultural institutes, museums, academies and other public, national and international corporations.
• Valorisation of young artists through scholarship financial aids and arrangement of expositions.
• Counter falsifications and filing of authentic works.

ACTIONS – 2012
• Publication of inedited aspects of artist Jean Calogero.
• Organization of expositions and events in Italy and beyond.

Patrizia Calogero
Massimiliano Calogero
Board of Directors
Patrizia Calogero (assets management)
Massimiliano Calogero (administrative management)
Luigi Nicolosi (artistic advisor)
Ylenia Nicolosi (operative management)