Catania, August 20th 1922 – November 15th 2001

Jean Calogero was born in Catania on August 20th 1922. Since teenage he showed passion for drawing and painting and in these art studies he searched the answer to his technical questionings and to his compositive constructions and expressive necessities.
In the city nearby Etna he attended Liceo Artistico (college of arts). The latter distress caused by the aftermath of World War Two and the need to look forward to the places of ideas confrontation pushed him to travel and he went to France to further develope his studies about new art tendencies.

In 1947 he is in Paris attending painting classes in the Ecole Des Beaux-Aarts.
The french capital is the right place for his professional ambitions and creative dreams.
He lives his life at one hundred per cent, dedicating himself to painting and study, then involved by the most bright moments of parisian life he participates to art exhibitions and the most important debates.
In 1949 he has his first artistic contract with Galerie Hervè of Paris which notoriously in those years followed the developments of the young european painting. Calogero establishes in France his second home and begins a frantic exposing activity with courage and heart, which will take him around the world thanks also to the critic approval.

In the 50's the uncountable parisian exhibitions are followed by american exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and later on Japan and the main italian art galleries.
In 1954 appears his first monography by one of the most important french reviewer of his time, Maximilien Gauthier who thanks to his tipical deep analysis for great maesters and young prodigies traces in an exhaustive way the artist's personality showing clearly his ambitions.
In 1957 Paris grants him the Great Silver Medal, greatest recognition to living artits and afterwards in 1959 he is included in the international catalogue of BENEZIT art amongst the most preeminent painters of world painting.
Since the beginnings of 70's he is more and more present in Italy still maintaining his parisian study and press, which for twenty years had dealt with the echo of french and american exhibitions, begins to dedicates actively to the artistic debate around Jean Calogero. Paris and Sicily constitute his best stages for his dreams of painting, his physical displacements, and critic is always able to pick up the value of it.
In the 90's he lives a meaningful artistic season characterized by the experience of cities visited and dreamed cities. His inquiring paintbrush, bright colors, joyful and cherish trait travel among the clouds and sanctuaries dear to his memory, between the sky and water of crossed seas.

Since 1922 to 2001, a biography of a man who embraced his passion and was able to make bold choices, and who gave expression to his creative dreams.
Through the weave of vivid colours he shared his experiences with the world and showed wonderful and loving care places. He gifted us with a vision of the reality made of joyness and beauty.


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Associated American Artists - New York 1952.

James Vigevano Galleries, Los Angeles 1953.

Galerie Madsen, Paris 1954/1960.

Anthological, Tokyo 1965.

La Robinia Gallery, Palermo 1969.

Florida Gallery, Chicago 1970.

Il Cavalletto Gallery, Catania 1971.

De Rosa Gallery, Milan 1972.

Pinacotheca Gallery, Rome; L’Incontro, Taranto 1973.

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Robert Philip Gallery, Paris 1978.

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L’Esagono Gallery, Lecce; Graziani Gallery, New York 1981.

S. Silvestro Church, Tuscania; Museum of Modern Art, Sessa Aurunca 1982.

Galerie Hervè, Paris 1983.

L’Angolo Gallery, Catania; Arte Spazio Gallery, Sassari; Il Faro Center, Taranto 1987.

L'Esagono Gallery, Lecce 1988.

Galerie Molière, Paris; Nihon Garo, Nagoya, Japan; Minako H. Gallery, Tokyo; Galleria del Viale Jonio, Catania 1989.

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Arte Oggi Gallery, Reggio Calabria; Galleria del Corso, Latina; Arte Spazio Gallery, Sassari;Art Gallery, Gela 1992.

Profili d’Arte Gallery, Catania 1993.

Europ’Art 94, Ginevra;Antarte Gallery, Messina 1994.

Agorà Gallery, Palermo 1995.

Commune of Aci Castello, Palazzo Russo, Aci Castello, Catania; Arte Spazio Gallery, Sassari 1996.

Art Gallery, Gela; San Leonardo Church, Tuscania 1997.

Donini Gallery, Rome 1998.

Perlini Art Gallery, Reggio Calabria; Il Castello Galley, Rovigo; Profili d’Arte Gallery, Catania; Donini Gallery, Rome 1999.

Le Ciminiere Modern Art Gallery “Le Ciminiere”, Anthological, Catania 2010.

Collection of art galleries which presented to the world Jean Calogero's masterpieces.
From Paris to New York, Chicago and Tokyo, Rome and cities of loved Sicily, each different culture came to appreciate his artistic traits, catching those wonderful colours in a particular and effective way to represent the sorrounding reality.


Monografy by Carmelo Strano where images witnessing foundamental moments of the maester's creations come along with pages of deeper investigation, a lookout on the 20th century european's setting, memories of Sicily and glorifications of its skyes, his energy, his world. At each latitude the artist would create.

AUTHOR: Carmelo Strano.
EDITOR: Angelo Mazzotta Editore.
LANGUAGE: italian, english, french.
BINDING: brossura.
FORMAT: 24x30.

EDITING: Aurelia Sinagra.
ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHY: Archivio fotografico Jean Calogero.
FURTHER INFORMATION: The book contains in addition a text of Giuseppina Radice (art's historian and teacher in Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania), witnesses of Patrizia Calogero and Santo Salomone (director of Museo Diocesano di Catania) and contributions of Giuseppe Castiglione (president of province of Catania), Nello Catalano (former assessor of Cultural Policy of province of Catania), Raffaele Stancanelli (mayor of Catania's area), Marella Ferrera (former assessor of Culture and Major Events in Catania's area), Filippo Drago (mayor of Aci Castello's area).

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Collection of treatises useful to know better the man, his works and his philosophy about life and art.
It is a journey between curious episodes, stories worth to be known and emotions worth to be shared, in order to sketch a meaningful drawing about an artist who knew how to carve dream and reality inside his traits, giving them to us through bright and intriguing colours.


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Jean Calogero and his works, foretold through the reviews of those who caught the different aspects of his creativity, going deep into situations and thematics which since ever have characterized the unmistakable style.
Thus words become likely his paintings' colours, giving emphasis to the artist and man's ideas.